salt stain care

Salt Stain Care

Salt is an abrasive substance. It is important to promptly care for salt-stained garments.  Left untreated, salt stains can damage clothing by fading, leaving rings and leaving permanent stains.  Here are a few tips for dealing with salt stains:


Wool or other fabrics

Wet the stained area with a small amount of warm water to break up the stains.  Blot, but don’t rub the area to dry it.  Bring it to your local All Seasons Cleaners location as soon as possible and be sure to point out the stain to us.  Don’t leave the garment near a heater or put it in the dryer.  Heat will set the stain.



Wipe off all salt with a damp, clean cloth as soon as possible, then blot dry. Stubborn stains should be brought to your local All Seasons Cleaners location.  Be sure to point out any stains to our customer service staff when you bring the clothes in.

Road salt makes driving and walking in winter much easier, but the damage it can do to clothes is devastating.  Bring your salt-stained clothes to us and we’ll give them the gentle care they deserve.