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Down Pillows and Comforters

Pillows and comforters are delicate fabrics and essential items to keep you warm and comfortable.  With proper care, your down comforter and pillow will give you years of comfort. Here are some helpful tips for keeping those special fabrics longer:


Comforter Cleaning
Hand wash or machine wash your down comforter separately, in a large tumble washer. Use warm water and mild detergent on delicate. Never bleach your comforter. Make sure it’s thoroughly rinsed before drying. It may be worth running your comforter though the rinse cycle twice to make sure all detergent is removed. Once its ready for drying, place it in the dryer on a low setting. We also recommend using a dryer ball to help break up the clumps and fluff the comforter as it dries. A sock covered tennis ball also works well as a dryer ball. You may need to gently steam the fabric shell of your comforter to remove stubborn wrinkles but never iron.

NOTE: Not all washers, dryers, or comforters are the same.  Make sure to read the label carefully and consult the professionals at your neighborhood All Seasons Cleaners before washing yourself.


Pillow Cleaning
Dry clean only. Bring your down and feather pillows to your neighborhood All Seasons Cleaners. Do not machine wash or dry clean in a do-it-yourself cleaner.