Despite its name dry cleaning is not totally dry. It involves the use of materials that remove soil from most garments. Because very little water is used in the process, the term dry cleaning is used. While we have used traditional dry cleaning methods for years, we continue to strive for more environmentally friendly cleaning methods, while continuing to give our customers the quality they have come to expect from us. Our search has taken us in the direction of professional wet cleaning. While it is not a complete substitute for traditional dry cleaning we continue to take advantage of all its benefits.

All Seasons Garment Care & Tailoring uses state of the art green cleaning processes.  Wet cleaning is our greenest process.  It uses less water than conventional laundering and the discharge is 100% biodegradable.  Our new hydrocarbon cleaning process is also very green.  Different garments respond better to different cleaning processes.  With our wet cleaning and hydrocarbon processes, we are able to clean virtually anything and clean it well.  We’re proud to be continuously reducing our impact on the planet while maintaining the high standards of quality and service you expect from us.