Our Green Dry Cleaning

Despite its name, dry cleaning is not totally dry. It involves the use of materials that remove soil from most garments. Because very little water is used in the process, the term dry cleaning is used.


All Seasons Garment Care & Tailoring wants you to look your best. Our tailoring service will give your new clothes a perfect fit and make those favorite old clothes as good as new.

Household Fabric Care

Household items, such as those blankets, quilts, and comforters in your bedroom, the curtains and drapes in your living room, or the area rugs by your front door are much trickier to clean compared to our daily outfits.

Shoe Repair

We Offer services to accommodate all of your shoe repair needs. Now is the time to bring your winter shoes back to life. (We also repair handbags & belts!)

Laundry Services

Our laundry service uses the finest in environmentally friendly detergents to keep your garments looking new and smelling fresh.

Fur Care & Storage

In addition to our cold storage facilities, our team of experts can handle any alterations, cleaning, and repair your furs may need.